Friday, August 12, 2011

New Features for Free Members

We've been working hard to roll out some new features over the last couple of weeks and wanted to give an update on what we've done.

Free members can now get a couple of "Sneak Peeks" into the Rank (WR) that premium members enjoy.

The Rank

As you probably know, one of the coolest features of is the Rating Engine which compiles stats for all the prize games and estimates your odds of winning a prize.  The Rank (WR) is the number that shows the result of that rating.

Generally ranging from 0 to 10 (but sometimes over 10) the WR is a quick indicator of your odds to win a prize.  (Click to read more on the Rank).

Icons also help you to visualize the Ranking, with a "Green Ball on Fire" ...

being the best odds all the way down through yellow and then red balls ...

which are a waste of time.

Premium members have full access to all the Rankings and can play games starting at the highest WR and work down.  A powerful tool.

A Sneak Peek (or Two)

But for those still trying things out with the free version, you now have a couple of peeks into the WR.
  1. Three free sneak peeks a day.  When browsing, you'll see a big number at the top of each page letting you know how many Sneak Peeks you have left.  Whenever you are interested in seeing the WR for a given prize game, just click on the gray ball with the question mark and it will temporarily update to reveal the Ranking.  Make sure you remember it or jot it down because it's just a peek and it won't be there the next time you look.
  2. Weekly update email.  If you're opted in for our email updates, you'll now get the Number 2 and Number 3 highest WR games delivered to your inbox each Monday morning.  (Sorry, the Number 1 WR is reserved for premium members).
If you are not already signed up for email updates, click on the "My Account" button at the top of the screen and check the box for "I would like to receive emails..." then press the Update button.  The weekly update also has reminders on your favorites and your wins so it's a great resource to help your game play.

We hope that this provides more value to your free membership and also helps you decide whether a premium membership is worth it for you.  

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