Monday, June 18, 2012

New Feature: Submit Your Own Sweepstakes or Contest

Do you know of a Sweepstakes, Contest or other prize game that isn't listed on and you're curious to know how it would rate?

Are you running your own game and want to get more exposure?

Submit to

We've gotten a lot of emails and Contact form submissions over the years with suggestions for new listings, and we really appreciate all the help.  So we decided to make it easier for you.  Now, if you scroll to the links on the footer there is a link called "Submit New Game".

All we really need is the URL to the game and we can grab the rest, but if you do have any additional info you want us to know, feel free to add it to the notes/comments section.  All submissions are hand-reviewed by a real person so feel free to be as descriptive as you wish.

Receive top priority attention

And our promise to you, since you are taking the time to help us out, is that we will review your submission as a top priority.  If your submission meets our guidelines, it will usually be added within a day or two.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to provide us suggestions over the years.  The participation of the community has been one of the things that has made it great.  

So go out and win some more prizes!