Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome TLC's "High Stakes Sweepers" Viewers, Here's How You Can Win Prizes

Welcome New Sweepers

Well, has had a flood of new visitors and new registrants since the airing of TLC's new show, "High Stakes Sweepers".  If you are one of these new Sweepers, read on.  We want to tell you how to win prizes without spending the four to eight hours a day that the sweepers they profiled in the show are putting on.

But first we wanted to say, we think this influx is a really good thing.  Because new Sweepers can bring a fresh new perspective and aren't stuck with old habits they developed before tools like were available.

It still amazes us that people are spending so much time.  If you consider the hours involved, it's somewhere between a part time and a full time job. 

Winning prizes should be fun, not a monotonous job that uses up all your time. 

How to win prizes without wasting your time

The philosophy behind is for regular everyday people, who may not have an extra 20 to 40 hours a week to spend entering thousands of prize games, to be able to enter and win prizes and have fun doing it.

Here is how it works: actually pulls in dozens of different statistics from various sources, regarding prizes, people playing, etc., and then calculates, very accurately, your estimated odds of winning each and every game.

So really does know which games you'll probably win, and which games are a total waste of time (and there are a lot that are a total waste of time).

If you're a free user, you'll see all the games along with some sneak peeks into which games have the best odds.  This is a great option if you're just getting used to or sweeping in general and deciding on whether a Premium membership makes sense.

Premium users get a full list of the top 100 games, with the best odds at the top.  All you need to do is start at the top and work your way down as far as you like.

Even if you only have ten or twenty minutes to play, by entering all the games with the best odds you'll have a better chance to win a prize than someone playing for hours and entering dozens or hundreds of games that they are so unlikely to win that they are a complete waste of time.

So for about the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can enjoy all the thrills of wining prizes without the cumbersome time commitment.

And to make it even easier to try out, we guarantee your monthly payment.  If at any time you decide that you aren't getting your money's worth out of, you can cancel and we will refund you your full months' payment.

So yes, you can play for a full month in Premium and if at the end you are unhappy for any reason, you won't have paid a cent.

So again, welcome aboard new sweepers.  We're glad you found the smarter way to play. Click here to get started winning prizes and having fun doing it.