Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Quick Stats on Sweepstakes and Instant Wins That You Actually Have a Chance to Win a Prize On

Wondering what percentage of major sweepstakes, instant wins and contests out there really provide a decent chance to win a prize?

We just ran some quick summary stats.  Based on the ranking groups:

Green on fire (best chances to win a prize):  less than 3%
Green (good chances to win a prize, worth playing): 6%
Yellow (probably not worth playing): 35%
Red (don't waste your time): 56%

(Numbers don't add up to 100 due to rounding).

Wow.  Goes to show how crucial it is to know the odds.

Also kind of makes you feel bad for the poor folks who are wasting their time on games that that they'll never win a prize from.  Knowledge is power.

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