Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do coupons count as prizes?

Do coupons count as prizes?  In a word, "no".

Legally speaking, they certainly don't. follows the same guidelines and for the same reason.

It's not really anything of value unless you buy something from them, which is a pretty big condition.

So when calculating chances of winning prizes, ignores coupons and other things that have no legal ARV (average resale value).

A good example is the Shop, Play & Save Instant Win (click to take a shot at winning their prizes) promotion.  It's a great promotion, with a very respectable 2,057 instant win prizes to be given away.

But ranks it as having only 257 prizes.  Why?  The rest are all coupons with no inherent resale value.  So it won't rank nearly as high as it would have had all 2,057 been pries of actual retail value.

But it's still a good game.  And it's still giving away prizes worth over a half million in resale value so give it a shot and let's see how it ends up in the ratings.

Keep in mind we are talking about "coupons" meaning a partial reduction in price.  Like the kind you get in the Sunday Paper.

"Coupons" that are redeemable for completely free products (often referred to as "vouchers") are in fact acceptable as prizes and do contain value.

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