Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Q&A: How often do I need to play to win?

Obviously we can't tell you how often you will win, that will vary based on what games are out there, how diligent you are in playing them, and how lucky you are.

But during an average period of time, if you play the top ten to twenty ranked promotions as often as you can (usually every day, but they vary) you should be seeing a prize at least every couple months if not every month.

The key is that you have to keep at it.  Just because http://Win.ly can tell you which are the best, doesn't mean the best win every time you play. 

It means if you play every day over a period of time you have a decent chance of winning a prize.

We recommend playing the top ten or twenty every day (or as much as possible) for the first month (right now you get a free month of premium for registering, so take advantage of it).  If you had no luck winning a prize, let us know and we'll extend you a free month to see if your luck gets any better.

We love hearing from you.  Reply to this blog, send us an email at feedback@win.ly or send us a direct message on Twitter at WinlyPlaySmartr.

Good luck!

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