Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Premium For Free With Our Referral Program

A program that is proving very popular with online instant win, sweepstakes and contest players is our referral program.  What's different from many other referral programs is that you don't have to actively recruit people, or send emails to all your friends (unless you want to) or really do anything besides get your link out there and see who clicks on it.

When logged in to, just click on My Account at the top and then the Referral Program tab.  You'll see your personal tiny url listed.  Take that url and put it anywhere you like.  In your forum signature, on your Twitter profile, in your blog, email it to friends, post it to Facebook, Tweet it out as often as you like, whatever you like.

Anyone who sees your link and clicks on it and then signs up for a paid subscription will get you an extra free month of Premium subscription to  If twelve people happen to come through you could have full access to which Instant Wins, Sweepstakes and Contests are statistically most likely to win you a prize.

Don't miss out on this opportunity.  It really works.

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  1. Now you can spread your link on whatever social network you like by just just pressing the "Add This" share button. It's pretty cool.