Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's the Single Best Tip for Winning Prizes Online?

Whether you're a hobbyist who enjoys playing online sweepstakes and instant wins for the thrill of winning prizes, or simply a casually interested internet user looking for a fun diversion for a few minutes a day, winning prizes is fun and it's why we do it.  Filling out registration forms and seeing "Sorry, try again tomorrow" is not fun, that's the "other" part that we put up with while waiting for the next "Congratulations!  You're a winner".

So it would seem that we all want to spend less time with the "try again" and more time seeing "You've won!".  But how can you do that?

Recently we examined the difference between two very different games to show how much more often you'll win playing a game that has high odds vs. playing a game that has bad odds.

Let's take that a step further and pick five games at random vs five games from the top of the Win.ly rating.

Of course, Win.ly doesn't know the exact odds of winning (nor does it need to) it just knows close enough.  For example, if you join a church raffle in the morning and then go to a sporting event and drop your name in a box for a prize there, you know you're competing against a few hundred people for the church raffle and tens of thousands for the sporting event.  You don't know the exact odds of winning, but you know the church raffle has hundreds of times better odds.

So, taking a rough estimate of the top five Win.ly rated games, you have about one in twenty chance of winning a prize at the top rated game down to about a one in 200 at the fifth.  That means for every twenty times you play the first game, you'll most likely win a prize and for every 200 times you play the fifth game, you'll most likely win a prize

Taking all five together, it comes to an average of 1 in 100 of winning a prize on each.

Assume you play each game each day, so that's 5 plays a day.  If you do this for 20 days the odds say you will have won a prize by then.  That's less than three weeks!

Taking the five random games we picked, the average of winning is about 1 in 23,000 on each.  Doing the same math, you would need 4,600 days or just over 12 years to win a prize.

So how do you make sure you're playing the games with the good odds so you'll win?

We know of only two ways.  Join a traditional sweepstakes directory and spend hours each day playing a huge number of games hoping to get a prize.  This works for many people, but is very time consuming.

Or join Win.ly and start at the game with the best odds of winning prizes and work your way down.  You'll hit all the best games and most likey win as many prizes, for just a few minutes a day.

A few much more pleasant minutes.

Give it a try.  It works.  Play the top five or ten Win.ly rated games each day for a month and we'd be amazed if you're not hooked on the thrill of winning prizes

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